DIY Sticker Picture Frame with Silhouette Cameo

Photo Gallery

Earlier this year I made a photo wall using Butch and Harold Sticker Picture Frames. (You might remember that I made a DIY message board with one of the leftover frames). Well, I had a photo that I wanted to add to the wall, but I knew I could figure out a way to make my own sticker picture frame.

I searched the Silhouette Online Store to find a frame that seemed fairly simple and thick (I didn’t want to spend hours weeding the vinyl).


Once I purchased the file, I resized the frame to around 12″ wide (the width of the vinyl that I was using). I used a colored box to see how big a photo I would need to print in order to fill the frame opening. I made note of the dimensions.


Then I changed the roller to the vinyl size since I would be cutting the vinyl without a mat. By the way, I used Oracal 631/indoor vinyl so that I could remove the sticker someday without damaging the wall.


Make sure you choose “load media” instead of “load cutting mat.” I usually keep the default settings for vinyl but I set the blade to 1.


While the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool cuts the frame, I open my photo in Photoshop.

I make a blank file using the dimensions that I recorded earlier, and resize the photo to fit.


When I send the photo to my printer, I make sure to choose photo paper settings and ACTUAL SIZE. Sometimes I forget to check that setting and it ends up printing the full photo paper size instead of the size I want.


By now the picture frame is cut, so I remove the unwanted areas.


I then use transfer paper and peel off the backing, leaving the sticker’s sticky side exposed.


Next I lay the photo on the photo frame and trim the edges.


Then, using the transfer tape, I place the photo and sticker on the wall, press well all over to make sure it sticks, and remove the transfer paper.


Voila! See, I knew I could make this myself!